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Annai Velanganni Orphanage

Located in South India,

Pondicherry is an autonomous landlocked territory in the state of Tamil Nadu. Its population lives mainly from fishing, crafts, and tourism. The Annai Velanganni orphanage was created in Pondicherry on November 15, 1981 by Sister Andréa Gispert to welcome abandoned or orphaned children, bring them to their autonomy and accompany them in their lives as young adults. Administered by an Indian management committee and staff, it lives from sponsorships and donations collected mainly in France by an association created for this purpose, the Amis d'Annai Velanganni Orphanage (A.A.V.O.) a French non-profit association, governed by the 1901 law. The AAVO association finances more than 90% of the operation of the orphanage. It is approved by the government of the Pondicherry Territorial Union.

We are Annai Velanganni, an organization committed to the sponsorship of young girls in India. Our mission is to provide them with quality education and help them realize their full potential.

Together, we can make a real difference in their lives.

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Plus de  40 ans d’existence

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Thanks to Annai Velanganni, my goddaughter was able to continue her studies and now has great opportunities in front of her. I am grateful for their unwavering support.

The Annai Velanganni orphanage in Pondicherry is a place where love, care and education transform lives. We are infinitely grateful for this experience that allowed us to meet such inspiring souls. We now carry these children and these encounters in our hearts, hoping to return very soon.

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Mme. Patel

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We offer sponsorship services for young Indian girls, including access to education, health care and a safe environment. Our dedicated team works with families and communities to ensure the well-being and development of every girl we sponsor.

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